Skin Care

Mini Facial   (No Extraction)

A quick pick up. Includes a cleansing and exfoliation, along with a facial massage and mask. Great when you don’t have the time or if you want to look revitalized for a special occasion.

30 min $40


Deep Cleansing Facial

This is perfect for those who want to detoxify and decongest the skin of breakouts and blemishes .

60 min $55


Gentleman’s Facial

This specialized treatment addresses the specific skin needs of men.  Includes a soothing and pampering facial to ease razor irritation and maintian hydration.

60 min $50


Hydrationn Facial Treatment

Effectively boosts your skin’s moisture balance to restore your natural radiance and youthfulness.

75 min $75


Oxygen Plus Treatment

Treat your self to the same powerful benefits with this therapeutic facial.  Oxygen  naturally heals and purifies the skin, and enriched with high potency vitamins and minerals,

this treatment will leave your skin glowing and healthy.

90 min $85


C Plus Treatment

This treatment supplies vitamin c and moisture to increase cell activities reinforcing the skin by stimulating production of collagen, protect skin from UV. Free radicals are disrupted and aging processing is delayed.

75 min $95


Caviar DNA Treatment

Anti-aging effect for dry skin, smoothes out imperfections in the skin, evens out crows-feet and laughter lines.

90 min $120


BOT  Collagen  Plus

A most for mature skin, this treatment hydrates fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin smooth and refreshed. Fine lines are reduced and skin appears clearer, smoother and younger. A pampered pout delight. This advanced treatment is formulated to hydrate, regenerate the skin. Combining lyophilized, non-altered collagen & biotechnological actives, it provides an immediate improvement to the skin leading to a more youthful appearance, and promotes optimum skin conditions to subdue the visible signs of aging.

120 min $160


ASA Treatment

Uses a unique cocktail of fruit acids to give you a fresh-faced youthful look. Removes thickened horny layers of skin, accelerates cell division, improves moisturization, increases collagen and elastic production and smoothes out those dreaded wrinkles distinctly reduces pigmental spots. Acne could decrease.

75 min $160


LED Light Therapy Facial

LED lights therapy uses non-painful intense pulse light to penetrate into the deeper levels of skin to actively heal sun damaged cells, restore collagen production, reduce redness, and boost hydration level, no healing time necessary.

90 min$115


Bio-lift with collagen  lifting Treatment

Helps to fight against slackening of skin firming and toning. Restores skin elasticity. With elastic hydrolystate  will postpone the atrophy of the skin and will aid in the reconstruction of elastic fiber. Hialron acid enhances absorption.

90min $95


Bio-lift with collagen Neck Treatment

Clients can expect this treatment to reduce the neck lines.

30min $45


Bio-lift with Acne Treatment

Refines skin texture and helps tighten pokes, normalizes surface oils and balances the PH of skin. Created for those skins that require extra help to combat imbalance and break out. Treats the problem areas separately from oil-rich areas to deliver effective results. Minimizes inflammation and speeds healing problem areas.

90min $95


Bio -lift Sensitive Skin Treatment

The most advanced way to actively hydrate a stressed and sensitized skin. Calms inflammation in an efficient dosage designed for both protection and maintenance.

90min $110


Bio-lift Whitening Treatment 

This is a very unique whitening treatment for fast whitening results to help in the whitening process of freckles, age spots, liver spots, and other blemishes. It promotes blood circulation and helps the cell renewal process without irritation. The skin becomes softer, smoother, and brighter.

95min $110


Eye Treatment

Undo the damage of late hours, computer time and exposure to the elements that assault the fragile skin around the eyes. Using Ultrasonic aromatherapy and specific massage techniques, we will work to address concerns such as fine expression lines, puffiness, dark circles, and muscle fatigue. Not recommended for skin prone to breakouts.


Caviar collagen Eye Treatment, Including collagen Mask.

35min $4O


BOT  Collagen Eye Treatment, Including , Collagen Mask.

35min $50


Hand Treatment

This treatment helps against aging, restores elasticity and deep moisturization.

40 min $30